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Heritage Poland Group mission is to support Polish culture, preserve Polish history and heritage, promote Polish innovations and built cultural platforms between different communities and countries.


Peter Kubica

Warsaw EXPO XXI is a company with over 20 years of tradition and experience. Company is managing event venue placed in Warsaw capital city of Poland. We host 200 events and 500 000 guests per year.


Peter Kubica

New perspectives, new challenges. Project that is especially important to us. In 2018 Mr. Slyszyk decided to buy ruins of XIV-century castle. Our vision for this place is to be again cultural center of the region. Team engaged in this project include among other – architects, engineers, historians, archeologists, restorers, local residents, activist, event planners.


Peter Kubica

Our brand under which dedicated team is creating unique events for business. Their flagship events are PHARMA FORUM PHARMA PLANET 360° and FORUM RETAIL CHALLENGE POLAND 2024


Peter Kubica

Organizer of SweetTargi and GLOBALnie in Katowice, Poland – fairs with over 10 years of tradition.


Katarzyna Klimkiewicz

Technological brand creating and developing hardware and software for monitoring and navigation inside buildings.

Heritage Poland Group