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Greg Slyszyk

Gregory Slyszyk

Founder of Heritage Poland Group, philanthropist, investor, lawyer.

Mr. Greg Slyszyk is a passionate, enthusiastic, philanthropist, investor and renown lawyer. He has graduated from prestigious Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Law (summa cum laude) in 1995. He then joined legal arm of the leading world advisory firm – Arthur Andersen. After 5 years of intensive legal practice, Greg has successfully built with his associates the largest up to date legal practice in Poland – Domański, Zakrzewski, Palinka. Since 1999 he has been pursing his own investments projects, specializing in vulture investments. A very important part of Greg’s activity encompasses charity and cultural activity. Presently his professional interest are focused on combining his business significant experience with cultural projects as well as projects creating significant impact for the benefit for next generations. Greg pursues all his current projects through the Heritage Poland Group.

Legal activity

During his legal career Greg has been involved in numerous prestigious, challenging, complex, cross-border transactions, mostly related with conversion of Polish socialist economy into modern, free market economy. Some of those pioneering transactions during the economic transformation of Poland include: launching leading Polish mobile telecommunication corporation, restructuring of coal mine sector in upper Silesia, numerous privatizations of state owned enterprises for foreign leading corporations as well as domestic investors. Greg advised both private and public sectors on project risk structuring and management, corporate financing and on drawing up and negotiating contracts and dispute resolution. He was involved in the implementation of complex undertakings, both domestic and international, including sector M&A transactions and those implemented by public-private partnerships. He also took part in legislative work for the Polish parliament related to the improvement of construction law.
During his practice as attorney at law within his private law firm, Greg has led several high profile cases both of civil and criminal law nature with spectacular results leading to precedential judgments. He successfully defended a management board member in the biggest criminal case in Poland.
Greg was also a speaker at numerous conferences on foreign investments, M&A transactions and litigations. He also participated in a range of initiatives of government and other public and private organizations supporting the foreign investments in Poland. Greg is a member of the Warsaw Bar Association.

Investment activity

Greg has founded his first investment company in 1999 and since then he has been pursuing various investment projects. Some of those projects include:

  • acquisition of brewery;
  • creation and launching on London Stock Exchange the first private exhibition venue in Poland;
  • arranging the largest financing of scientific research for blue laser technology leading to growing the world cleanest and largest gallium nitride (GaN) crystal and commercializing the ammono method;
  • creation and management of the largest conference company in Poland;
  • developing state-of-the-art real time indoor and outdoor localization technology;
  • acquisition of the second largest medieval castle in Poland and commencing the challenging process of renovation;
  • acquisition of large (over 200 hectares) farm and breeding horses stable.

All Greg’s projects are transparent, maintaining high corporate governance and business ethics, with excellent long term relationship with prestigious financial institutions, banks as well as governmental and municipal authorities.

Philanthropic activity

Greg has been Advisory Committee Member in one of the most prestigious Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. The primary goal of activity was to provide warm meals for thousands of children from poorest regions of Poland during difficult time of Polish economic transformation.

In 2018 Greg acquired the second largest medieval castle in Poland in Szymbark, near Iława. He has founded the Castle Szymbark Foundation which developed the spectacular concept and design of rebuilding the Szymbark Castle and making it world famous destination for prestigious international and domestic events, with special regard to cultural events.

Greg also founded Heritage Poland Group Foundation. Its goal is to support Polish culture, preserve Polish history and heritage, promote Polish innovations and built cultural platforms between different communities and countries. Greg’s mission statement is “We create heritage of the future”.

Heritage Poland Group